VBL. Die sichere Versorgung aus einer Hand
| German | Schriftgröße:
Die Altersvorsorge für den öffentlichen Dienst.


VBL was established in Berlin in 1929 during the Weimar Republic under the name of Zusatzversorgungsanstalt des Reichs und der Länder (Supplementary Pension Agency of the Reich and the Länder, ZRL). In the early 1950s we changed our name to Versorgungsanstalt des Bundes und der Länder (Pension Institution of the Federal Republic and the Länder, VBL) and moved to Karlsruhe. Following German reunification, the supplementary pension was rolled out to the new Länder in 1997. From 1967 to 2001 public-sector supplementary pensions were provided in an integrated pension scheme: the idea was for the state pension and supplementary pension together to amount to roughly the same as the civil service pension. In the 2001 retirement provision plan (Altersvorsorgeplan), the parties to the collective labour agreements fundamentally reformed the provisions regulating the field of the supplementary pensions. The previous integrated pension system was replaced by a new, modern occupational pension system based on the points model.

In the ‘old’ Länder, insured employees and participating employers still finance VBLklassik with premiums on a pay-as-you-go basis: as is the case with state pension insurance, premiums paid by the employers and employees to the scheme are used to fund payments to pensioners that year. When the insured employees will have reached the retirement age themselves, their pensions will be funded by the premiums paid by the insured employees at this future point of time.With the reform of the supplementary pension in 2001, the parties to the collective labour agreements and the VBL agreed to also operate VBLklassik as a capital-funded scheme in the long term. The new Länder started to operate the compulsory VBLklassik with capital funding back in 2004.

With the new supplementary pension arrangements, employers and unions also created the basis for an additional voluntary occupational pension from VBL. With VBL’s voluntary pension insurance, insured employees can plan for a better standard of living in retirement by making voluntary contributions. The VBLextra voluntary occupational pension schemes is capital-funded.


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