VBL. Die sichere Versorgung aus einer Hand
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Die Altersvorsorge für den öffentlichen Dienst.


VBLklassik - a sound basis for a secure future.

VBLklassik, which was established by the collective bargaining agreements, is compulsory for all employees of the Federal Government and Länder (except Hamburg and Saarland) and a large number of municipal and church employers. It is designed specifically for the public sector. Insured employees collect pension points every year. Their occupational pension therefore increases in line with their years of service and their income levels.

Besides the retirement pension, VBLklassik also provides incapacity coverage as well as insurance coverage for the insured employee’s surviving dependants.

The VBLklassik points model also contains social components that are not available from a private retirement pension scheme. For example, as a parent you can continue to collect pension points while you take parental leave. And if you become incapacitated, the pension points for the time you are not working are credited to your account right up until your 60th birthday.

As a compulsorily insured employee you can also collect bonus points from the distribution of profits. Furthermore, your pension payments are indexed (enhanced) every year.

The VBL provides insured employees with advice on every aspect of retirement provision. For example, we provide annual account statements (Versicherungsnachweise) showing the total number of pension points you have collected and your occupational retirement pension resulting from those points.


VBL Erklärfilm

Scientific employees

Insurances for scientific employees

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